Speaker Biography

Abdul Hei

L.H College

Title: Mental health benefits of fish consumption



Fish is good for both mental and physical health. Fish contains  high quality protein, good lipids consisting of essential fatty acids, important minerals, vitamins etc. The grey matter of the brain consists of about 60 % lipids consisting of essential fatty acids DHA, ARA, EPA etc. DHA is the building blocks  of  brain tissues. Essential fatty acids  are  important in prevention and amelioration of   many civilization  and age related  diseases such as heart diseases, dementia, mental decline etc. Fish protein as complete protein contains functional amino acids that are rich  in brain, hearts , and eyes that are associated with their functions. Fish also  contains  important minerals, vitamins that are  also  good for brain. Factors of mental health  are  many but how to use the  faculty is very important. The important functional components of   fish  are essential   and help in  overall  wellbeing and quality of human life boosting performance ability. So the objective of the paper is to discuss the important roles of functional components of fish leading  to  overall well being, better mental health and mood.