Speaker Biography

Dr. Shikha Goel

Government Medical College and Hospital, India

Title: To find out the awareness regarding mental illness among community people.

Dr. Shikha Goel

Shikha Goel has done MD in Psychiatry from Government Medical College, Chandigarh, India. During her tenure as a resident she took up the research work on assessing the relationship of insight with neurocognition and social cognition in patients with Schizophrenia. Dearth of Indian literature on the topic sparked her interest in the topic. Lack of insight has been an important factor determining the adherence to treatment and prognosis of Schizophrenia; hence the determinants of insight are very pertinent in management of Schizophrenia. The research work was completed over a period of 3 years and has produced interesting results and merit further investigations into the subject                                                                                                          



Unawareness of mental illness has been commonly observed in schizophrenia and has been recognized as a potential barrier to treatment adherence and a risk factor for a range of poorer outcomes. There are some of the potential causes behind poor insight, including deficits in neuro cognition, social cognition, meta-cognition and heightened self-stigma.

Study was conducted to look at the relationship of neuro cognition, social cognition with insight in schizophrenia, as there is paucity of research in Indian literature.