Speaker Biography

Somchai Teaukul

Faculty of Psychology, Saint Louis College

Title: Predicting depression from quality of Life in school, Automatic negative thoughts and Anger management of upper–secondary school students in Bangkok area

Somchai Teaukul

Somchai Teaukul, Ph.D. (neurosciences),MSc. (clinical psychology) have been working as a Faculty of Psychology, Division of Clinical Psychology at Saint Louis College. He is an advisory staff of clinical psychology undergraduate program.




The purpose of this correlational research was to find the predictive ability of quality of life in school, automatic negative thought, and anger management on depression of adolescence in the upper-secondary school students in Bangkok area under the management of the Office of the Basic Education Commission: (OBEC) in the Bangkok area 1 in the academic year of 2017. Four hundred subjects were obtained by stratified random sampling method. Data collection was done using 1) personal information, 2) the quality of life in school inquiry, 3) the Children’s Automatic Thoughts Scale, 4) the anger management inquiry, and 5) Health-Related Self Report: HRSR -The Diagnostic Screening Test for Depression in Thai Population. Data was analyzed in terms of percentage, mean, standard deviation, Pearson correlation coefficient and multiple regression-forward.

It was found that there were two independent variables which co-predicted the changes of depression score by 32.3 percent at p< .05 level. The most powerful predictor was the automatic negative thoughts and the second one was the anger management-‘anger control out’.  The quality of life in school and the anger management-‘anger control in’ were rejected from the equation.